We Support East End Business

Our East End businesses are a big part of the community. We proudly support their ethical and sustainable practices.

During construction, local businesses and residents will be adversely affected. Noise, dust and access will make operating a business difficult. During the event, concrete barriers will impact on cafes and shops. The streetscape appearance will be ugly and Supercars have advised that deliveries can only be made at night.


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60-62 Scott Street
Newcastle East, NSW 2300


Highlights info row image (02) 4929 2100


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61 Shortland Esplanade
Newcastle East, NSW 2300


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36 Scott Street
Newcastle East, NSW 2300


Highlights info row image  02 4926 3780

Sticky Rice

12108088_926919510735211_5822055444990225152_n.jpg12074758_926919407401888_3975445844435183784_n.jpg optimized sticky rice.jpg

Crn Scott & Zaara Streets
Newcastle East, NSW 2300


 Highlights info row image  02 4927 0200