How Loud is Too Loud

Residents and business owners/employees will be subjected to excessive noise levels above those regulated for the workplace.

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In this location, the noise from racing cars will be VERY LOUD!

The CAMS approved level is 95dBA at 30 metres from a racing car.

In Newcastle East, many homes on the track are between 3 and 5 metres from the cars. This means that noise levels inside homes and in businesses on the track will be unbearable.



Racing will occur for several hours each race day. People are affected by noise differently. If your house is close to the track, you will experience unacceptable noise levels causing a variety of health effects.

Exposure to noise in your work environment (or in this case, your home) may cause a number of physiological and psychological responses. Noise can:

  • cause hearing loss
  • annoy and interfere with speech
  • interfere with concentration and thought processes
  • disturb sleep
  • cause fatigue and aggression
  • reduce immune response
  • lead to heart disease.


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Residents and businesses adjacent to the circuit will be exposed to noise levels in excess of 105dBA, which may exceed 90 to 95 dBA inside living and sleeping areas. These figures are conservative and may be 3 to 5 dBA higher.

The noise exposure will exceed all safe levels recommended by Australian Standards and those mandated by SafeWork NSW.

The Motor Racing (Sydney and Newcastle) Act 2008 (NSW)  passed by the government overrides any protection from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The only ways that noise levels can be reduced to acceptable standards are to:

  • muffle the racing cars or
  • relocate the race away from homes and businesses.

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  • Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW), all employers must ensure they protect the health and safety of employees and visitors at their workplace from hearing loss related to noise exposure
  • The SafeWork exposure standard for noise is 85dBA over an 8-hour period with no peak emissions beyond 140dBA[1]. The duration of exposure is reduced by half for every 3 dBA increase in the noise level
  • The noise emissions from the race will exceed the SafeWork exposure standard
  • Failure to ensure the health and safety of employees and visitors to the workplace exposes the employer to:
    • criminal prosecution by SafeWork for breaches of the Act
    • workers compensation claims for hearing loss
  • The options for employers are:
    • to eliminate the risk of injury by closing the workplace
    • to reduce the risk of injury by issuing hearing protection to employees and visitors, providing training and instruction in its use, and ensuring compliance during the event

[1] Clause 56 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (NSW)

The Motor Racing (Sydney and Newcastle) Act 2008 (NSW) prevents any entitlement to bring a compensation claim against Newcastle Council, Destination NSW or Supercars Australia Pty Ltd.