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How does the Newcastle circuit compare to others?

tyre tracks on Wharf Road



The Adelaide circuit the race follows mainly purpose-built parkland roads and the Princes Highway. It passes 17 historic homes. The majority of these are already on 4 or 6 lane roads (Wakefield St, Hutt St, Bartels Rd, Dequetteville Terrace/Princes Highway). Of the small number of historic residential homes on the circuit, only the front of two (151A East Terrace, 109 East Terrace) are less than 20 metres from the track. These are 10 metres from the track, one on a 4-lane road with 2 lanes of parking and the other on a 2-lane road with 2 lanes of parking. In street sections of the Adelaide circuit there are mainly commercial premises. Of the 17 historic buildings on the track, 10 are used as commercial businesses.



The Homebush Street Circuit, also known as the Sydney Olympic Park Street Circuit, was a temporary street circuit around the former Olympic precinct at Sydney Olympic Park. The track hosted the Sydney 500 for the final time in December 2016, due to soaring costs associated with the temporary track, and dwindling spectator numbers.

The track followed Australia Avenue, Kevin Coombs Avenue, Edwin Flack Avenue and Dawn Fraser Avenue. It was a completely non-residential site. 140 mature trees needed to be removed and kilometres of tarmac needed to be torn up to accommodate the race. The track centred on Olympic Boulevard and featured the ANZ Stadium, Allphones Arena and Spotless Stadium as backdrops. The circuit had an indoor paddock, using the exhibition halls of Sydney Showground, which were immediately behind the pits. Transport to the site was excellent. Environmental issues caused great opposition to the circuit.



The Townsville track does not pass residential houses. It passes Townsville State High school, Townsville Theatre, Officeworks, Storage King (all new low rise buildings), parkland (on existing roads of 6 lanes plus parking lanes), and through parkland behind 12 single residences in Flowers Street. The nearest residence is 26A Flowers Street. The race-track passes approximately 60 metres from the back of the property.



The Gold Coast circuit runs along the Gold Coast Highway for approximately 1.4 km. This is a 6 lane major road with a centre island. It runs for approximately 1.6 km along Main Beach Parade, a 2 lane road with 2 lanes of parking. The minimum setback on this road is 8-10 metres for 11 buildings/apartment complexes. All other buildings along this road have set-backs greater than 10 metres. In total, the race circuit runs directly in front of 38 new high-rise apartment and holiday let buildings at the time of writing this analysis. Many of these are more than 60 metres from trackside. The rest of the track runs alongside parkland and beachfront.


Newcastle Track copy.png

In the Newcastle East track, the race passes within 4-5 metres of 9 historic apartment complexes, 26 non-historic apartment complexes, 68 historic residential terraces and 3 non-historic residential houses. It passes within 5 metres of several local and state listed buildings or monuments. It also encloses three public housing complexes for aged residents. The track surrounds an entire residential suburb inside its boundaries. In all other track configurations (Homebush, Gold Coast, Townsville, Adelaide), the race zone has multiple roads in and out of the area for race-goers and the general public. Locating the Newcastle circuit at the end of the CBD, on a peninsula, sanctions a multitude of access issues, both for residents, race-goers and the general public who want to utilise the facilities of the peninsula.

The construction of road infrastructure and installation/removal of barriers will disrupt parking, access and traffic flow in the streets leading into the popular East End of town. By closing off the Newcastle peninsula, organisers are essentially locking anyone who resides here either in or out of their homes, for the duration of the event. The result is blocked access for all Novocastrians and visitors to: the Regional Foreshore Park, Horseshoe Beach (the only dog beach in Newcastle city area), Sandhills Community Garden, Nobbys Beach Reserve and barbecue area, Stony Point, Macquarie Pier/Breakwall, Nobbys Lighthouse, Nobbys Beach and Surf Club, Fort Scratchley, Soldiers Baths, Bathers Way, Cowrie Hole Beach, Newcastle Ocean Baths, Canoe Pool, Newcastle Beach and Surf Club and Pacific Park. The peninsula is utilised every day, all year round, by sportspeople, fitness groups, surfers, walkers, dog-owners, surf clubs, swim squads, sporting teams, joggers, bike-riders, skateboarders, community groups, picnickers, beach-goers, family groups, coastal care groups, café and restaurant patrons, educational groups, wind-surfers, tourists, backpackers and clients of the many, many businesses operating in the East End.

If the city closures begin at Darby Street, as told to residents at the “information” session, then almost the entire CBD will be inaccessible to all but Supercar race-goers and residents.

This circuit is in the most inappropriate part of Newcastle in terms of access, public amenity, resident impost and heritage protection.




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