Newcastle 500

People & Communities First

Newcastle City Council & Destination NSW have sacrificed a heritage residential precinct for the promise of an economic windfall!

This location sets a precedent like no other street race anywhere in Australia.

It is the first time a circuit has been proposed for a high-density population precinct. It is the first time a circuit has been proposed with almost all residences and businesses only 3-5 metres from the track.

It is the first time a circuit has been proposed through a Heritage Conservation Zone (both local and state listed).

It is the first time a circuit has been proposed where an entire suburb is enclosed and isolated completely from the rest of the city. Located on a peninsula, there is no way in or out, except for through the circuit.

The implications involve: health, OHS risk, heritage, resident, environmental, business, and aged care impacts.

The legislation, Motor Racing (Sydney and Newcastle) Act 2008, simply added the word Newcastle to the existing Homebush Act, an act that was written for an industrial area with wide roads, open space and excellent transport facilities. As a result of imposing that legislation on a heritage, residential area, there will be unintended consequences. The legislation deletes the EPA Act 1979, the Local Government Act 1993, the Roads Act 1993, the Motor Vehicle Sports (Public Safety) Act 1985, s 115 of the Road Transport Act 2013 and the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. These Acts have all been legislated to protect Australians. These protections have been de-activated by the passing of the Motor Racing Act.

The legislation protects DNSW and Supercars from legal liability for actions, and states that NO compensation will be payable in respect of motor race-related matters by: NSW Govt, DNSW, Supercars and NCC. This protection includes the situation where an act or omission (directly or indirectly) is committed by the race promoter or anyone acting for them.

Residents’ rights to come and go from their homes are being severely restricted. The majority have on-street parking for cars, but have been told to relocate them. There is no nearby alternative for residents.

They have been told they must register with Supercars and provide ‘documentation’ to move in and around their streets. Residents’ civil liberties are being completely eroded.

There was NO consultation with the community about the location of the event. Legitimate questions and concerns have been ignored or have not been given due planning.

Councils and residents in previous locations (Homebush, Geelong, Gosford, Canberra) fought consistently against hosting the race.

Newcastle Council has a conflict of interest. It is supporting and promoting the event, yet it is required to protect residents.

Due diligence was not applied to economic claims, Occupational Health and Safety issues, risk assessment and environmental impact reports BEFORE deciding to host the event and sacrifice a suburb in doing so.


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Sign our petition, to try to convince our Council that they made a terrible mistake and that they should relocate the race!



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